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Bels-Houston 45N Freeway sold me furniture and stated it was 100% leather and they LIED. I purchased the extended warranty and their care products.

The furniture was purchased 7 years ago. It is unfortunate that it took 7 years to show it was not real leather. The furniture is currently in good condition but IT IS PEELING LIKE PLASTIC.

I conferred with a leather furniture specialist and the diagnosis is "THIS IS NOT 100 %LEATHER FURNITURE." DO NOT PURCHASE FROM BELS if you plan to invest in good leather furniture that will last!! Contacted BELS with the original receipt and they refused to acknowledge anything.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "false advertisement" of leather furniture and associated monetary loss in the amount of $2500. Bel Furniture needs to "honor my purchase of real leather furniture by replacing it with real leather furniture or give me my money back" according to poster's claims.

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It's bonded leather. Most of the leather furniture I have seen on their site is labeled as bonded leather in the description.

I mean, why do you think it was $2500 instead of $5000? It's common sense; use your brain.


Yeah you tell them!! Cuz we all know that there is zero chance that you forgot the conversation that happened 7 years ago.

You remember perfectly that said real leather and not bonded or blended leather. I remember everything I said and did 7 years ago so I call company's I purchased things from and demand full credit towards new product even though I used them for years and years.

I should be able to use stuff for 7 years and get all my money back. I bought a used Honda Accord about 5 years ago and it just broke down so I called the dealership and told them their sales person told me I was buying a Cadillac CTS and now I found out it was a Honda so I want you to give me a Cadillac now cuz that's what I was told I was getting!!

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