I visited the new location of Bel furniture in Katy on 10/29/2017 with my parents to purchase a sofa set for my living room. We purchased a sofa and love seat set in grey color as my mother liked the comfort it had.

We requested the store manager Mr. George to delivery it at the earliest as we had a grand party on 11/11/2017. The delivery was scheduled for 11/7/2017. I took an early off from work to receive the delivery.

To our disappointment, sofa was missing two back pillows and love seat delivered was completely different and unmatched with the sofa.(It was in brown color). When I informed the fact, the staff asked me to call the store as they had no idea about it. I immediately called the store and the representative Ms. Wilden informed me that she will check with the distribution center and the correct love seat will be delivered on 11/9/2017 between 10am - 4pm.

So I had to take another day off from work to be at home to receive the correct love seat and to return the incorrect one. But no delivery came on that day. In the evening, I called distribution center they informed me that nothing was scheduled for us. I called store for Ms.

Wilden but she was not available and on that day Ms. Erica informed that Wilden already talked to the truck driver and the love seat will be delivered positively by 11/10/2017. I took another day off from work to accept the delivery as I had a grand party on the weekend. But no delivery was made again; I made several phone calls to the Katy store and the distribution center.

The distribution centre blamed Katy store and Katy store manager Mr. George blamed distribution center for wrong delivery and unable to trace the misplaced love seat. On next morning (11/11/2017), I visited Katy store and requested to do something as I had grand party and it was looking very odd with sofa without two back pillows and love seat was completely off. On that day George was not available, Mr.

Fred rudely said he can’t do anything on our case and asked us to return the sofa and love seat and claim our money back or call George next week. As this sofa set was my mother’s choice so I decided to wait and called George next week, he asked to give him few days as he was emailing to his managers to locate the love seat and also agreed to compensate on missing pillows of the sofa. I kept trying to call George to find out but Ms. Wilden at Katy store informed me that either he was not available or he was busy with other customer.

On Saturday (11/18/2017), I again visited Katy store with my wife and sister, when asked for George a staff member informed that he was having his lunch, the other said he should be here in 10 minutes. We waited for an hour and a half for George. One of the staff member at that time informed that George came back and in the back of the store. At the same time Mr.

Fred came to us, he was very rude and offensive and informed that George may not come today as he gone to SAMS and Walmart for purchasing of Thanksgiving stuff, he insisted me to schedule return of the items and claim the refund and leave the store at the earliest. When I insisted to meet George, he goes to the back of the store, where George was waiting for his feedback. In two minutes George came to us without any embarrassment, he let us know that distribution center completely failed to do its responsibility for correct delivery of the items and also they were unable to locate where the actual items went wrongly delivered. George very disrespectfully said that he can’t do anything as they were going to be busy in thanks giving and even they can’t schedule the items back before 11/29/2017 and after that they will refund all my money.

George informed that they do not sell incomplete set in the store as the sofa misplaced its back pillows and also its love seat. He also informed that sofa will be send and sold at other location at a discounted price. I asked George that my mother selected this sofa so can I know the discounted price for it? I may buy the sofa and you can take the wrong delivered love seat.

George agreed to check from its corporate office and let me know in three days. Today ten days have passed and I have not received any call from George or any other customer service staff on the discounted price of the sofa. Long story short, now let me know, where is the Bel furniture customer services and the customer satisfaction? This is not the right solution that if store makes mistake they ask the buyer to return back the items and claim the money back.

I cooperated a lot with Katy store and suffered a month. In return, as a customer, I did not get due respect, did not get correct items, did not get prompt responses, did not get positive feedback, even I did not get the reply on discounted price of sofa. I have taken off for two and a half days just to have the right delivery on time. I had also visited personally 4 times to the store and waited long to get an answer, my grand party was disturbed due to wrong delivery of the items, I called countless times to Katy store and Bel furniture delivery center (you can check the notes in the system).

How can Bel furniture customer satisfaction service compensate all my time, money and efforts? And when can I have my money back?

Hope this time the items will be picked from my home on weekend as I am not going to take off again and process my money back on the same day. I hope that the Bel Furniture will take care of me as a customer and value my efforts, cost and time and will compensate me accordingly.

Review about: Bel Furniture Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Worst customer service i have ever encountered.

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